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Eyes on Your Business
We want more than anything for you to succeed and for us to help you do that. We have a lot of business experience and will continuously refine our system to spot red flags.  As an example, are you spending 30% more on fertilizer than the rest of the business that we serve but producing the same yield?  We'll see that and will let you know so you can assess if you are spending too much.
Strategic Planning
Thinking of growing your business but unsure how to go about it?  Is it good timing or should you hold off?  How leveraged are you willing to be?  What are the different things that need to be considered in a 1, 3, 5-year plan?  These are the types of questions that we ask ourselves as farmers.  We will help provide you with the support and knowledge to evolve your business for the future.
Financial Projections
Oftentimes, when meeting with your bank to review your loan needs, they will ask for Financial Projections to help assess the riskiness of the loan.  Financial projections can help advise them about the health of your business and can be really useful when accompanied by CPA-derived Financial Statements.
Production Forecasting
Knowing what your range of assumptions should be for what your farm produces can be critical for planning labor needs and supply planning.  Optimal pricing hinges on supply.  Whether you are selling your own fruit or are partnered with a Shipper, providing good forecasting will give you a leg up on the competition by preparing the Sales team to seek the best pricing possible for your product.
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