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Data Visualization

What is Data Visualization?

Simply put, Data Visualization is compiling key production and financial data that can be converted into easy-to-understand Scorecards, Tables, Charts, Graphs, and other tools.


By giving the farmer a clear and logical look into their business, they will know exactly the health of their company and will learn where they need to focus their energy on improvements.

How is Data Visualization created?
By setting up the correct field data collection processes and leveraging financial data, we can provide the farmer with nearly real-time, interactive information on a cloud-based visualization platform.  Currently, we are utilizing Google G Suite for this functionality.
Oftentimes, the processes for data collection do not require major overhauls and tend to operate very close with how things are done already.  Modifications with modest learning curves are generally the norm.
Financial Data:
  • Year-to-Date Financial Position 
  • Revenue Analysis
  • Harvest Costs Analysis
  • Non-Harvest Costs by Job 
  • Profitability Analysis
  • Rejection Costs
  • Program Analysis (Domestic v. Export)
Production Data:
  • Crates per Acre 
  • Production Curves by Variety
  • Harvest Speeds by Hour
  • Crew Attendance
  • Labor Curves
  • Rejections Tracking
  • Program Analysis (Domestic v. Export)
What are examples of data that I can expect?

Note: Almost all items can be tracked by Variety, Pound, Unit, Acre, Hour, Pool Week, and Overall.

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