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Payroll, Payables & Receivables

Our Payroll Process
Every company has a different methodology for capturing payroll data.  Some use timecards, some use field data technology, some use a combination of both.  Prior to data input, daily reconciliations must occur to ensure the accuracy of the data.  We are happy to work with your support staff to ensure that this process is done correctly.  If required, for an additional charge, we can take care of this step altogether.  Once payroll data has been properly cleaned, we will input data into our accounting software and produce employee checks on a weekly, bi-weekly, or whatever payment frequency your company provides.  Daily disbursements will not be an option at this time.  Weekly payroll journal reports which generate employee pay stubs will be delivered to the customer.  Should a specific employee earnings report be requested, we will gladly supply it.
Field Data Technology Integration
Upon our initial interview, we will discuss your procedures for field data collection.  We will do our best to synchronize with whichever system you use.  Currently, we support ADS DataTrack and will do our best to support alternative software/hardware solutions.
Some folks prefer to outsource the process of paying bills.  We are happy to take that on.  You can either have the bills forwarded to our P.O. Box or you can hand deliver.  We will require that you authorize the payment of each bill each month to ensure accuracy.  We will also apply appropriate Cost Accounting job codes for report generations.   Each week, you will receive a Check Journal summarizing all payables and receivables for that given week.  Bank Reconciliations will be performed monthly.
Similar to Payables, we will facilitate all incoming deposits.  This can include physical bank deposits, ACH deposits, and capturing deposits into your company's accounting profile.  A weekly report will be delivered specifying deposits, book balances, and bank balances.  
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